App for computing stack paramers for S1R camera and Sigma 70mm L-Mount Macro Lens


start distance sensor to object

Additional circle of confusion


Depth of sharp focus


Menu "step"

Menu "image count"

Calculator for Setting Up Photo Stack Using S1R with Sigma 70mm Macro Lens

Set camera in manual focus. Turn off focus ring in manual focus assist to make it easier to adjust to starting point. Have focus peaking turned on. Focus on starting point of stack and back focus up a bit. Measure distance in mm from the sensor (mark on side of viewfinder) to start of stack in mm. Will not be less than 280mm. Measure depth of sharp focus area. Thise two numbers are plugged in to the appropriate cells. Also enter f-number and circle of confusion.

Hit return key and read of the menu step and image count for setting up focus bracketing.

See for more detailed instructions.